The REWARD Alliance aims to work with a number of stakeholder groups interested in ensuring and improving value in research.

Current or planned groups include:

  1.  A Research funders group which is convened by NIHR, PCORI and ZonMW, and now involves funders from several countries. The group has had several meetings to share ideas and experience in ensuring value in research based on the 5 stages. If you are a funder interested in working with this group please contact
  2. An editors and Publisher’s group is being explored by Liz Wager. If you are interested please contact her at
  3. A research institutions group, which is being explored by David Moher. If you are interested please contact David at
  4. “Research on research” working group focusing on research waste. This group look at mapping current methodical initiatives focusing on 5 pillars of REWARD. Members of the group would also be involved in conducting methodological research to fill gaps and contribute in building a bibliography of literature on each aspect. If you are interested please contact Mona Nasser

As the need arises, we will consider other groupings that have a common interest in a specific aspect or area of research waste.